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Sometimes a game of cards can be fun, bringing people closer together and helping them bond. Other times, card games can only lead to trouble. Don’t think so? We have two words for you. Strip poker. Now, what do you think is going to happen between John Horny, Sam Santi, and Oliver Zac, who are bored out of their young minds? That’s right. You guessed it! A menage a trois of greedy cock sucking and John getting his hairy hole played with and stuffed full of big, uncut, fat dick. Come to think of it, maybe a game of strip poker and bored minds are exactly a bad thing. Especially with two thick, creamy loads of jizz delivered in a luscious, double cum facial on John’s sexy, adorable face. Hungry yet? We are!

A game of strip poker leads to Sam Santi and Oliver Zac fucking twink buddy John Horny bareback

If you’ve ever run across a man that made you stop and shudder from the sheer pleasure of being in his presence, even if you didn’t know him, you’ll be able to relate to adorable Peter Scot. Paired in this bareback fantasy with Ricky Boy, Peter first sees Ricky in the park. The tattooed, tanned jock is rollerblading and has such an intense reaction on Peter that the twink starts fantasizing about sex with Ricky. The rest of the scene is a fantastic ode to all those times you ever laid in bed, stroking furiously while imagining all the things that were done to you, or that you were doing to someone else. Except this one is all real. And watching the look on Peter’s face as Ricky rims his sweet hole, then gets fucked raw, will make you want to pump your jizz on the spot!

Peter Scot sucks off tattooed jock Ricky Boy then gets fucked bareback

Boyfriends Justin Cox and Lucas Fiore introduce themselves and explain a little about how they hooked up, but the real action is to come when they’re given the go-ahead to get freaky!Both these boys are so hot for each other, and after two years together they know how to get each other off. Hard and ready to go from the start, Lucas Fiore gets sucking on Justin Cox’s stiff cock, deep throating his boner. But with a little rimming his hole is ready to take that familiar joystick and he gets a hardcore ride before both jerk their loads out over Lucas’ body!

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You know these sweet, innocent-looking young men with the face of angels? Sometimes they’re exactly what they look but most, luckily, are quite the opposite. Always lurking near the edge of perversity, Nick Daniels and Scott Haux are perfect examples. They look sweet and innocent enough but their minds are filthy. And no matter how many showers they take, they might be physically clean. Mentally, however, they’re in the gutter. Always thinking of cock, holes, and cum, these jizz junkies take turns swinging on the others big dick, taking as much down their throats as they possibly can. Surprisingly, it was Nick who decided he wanted a piece of Scott’s hot ass. Diving in tongue first, Nick follows with his lengthy uncut piece of meat giving it to Scott bareback and riding his squeaky clean hole raw. Neat, huh?

Nick Daniels and Scott Haux suck each other then fuck bareback

Even the great Julia Child, who once dropped a chicken she was preparing during a broadcast, knew that what happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen. You can take that rule and apply it to pretty much anything. Even if all you’re doing is doing dishes in the kitchen. Like Alan Craft. But when Chris Fox walks in, all boned and majorly horny. It’s a quick drop of the pants, hard uncut dick springs up and down they go for the count. Not even as much as a how do you do! Then again, sex can be like that sometimes. Alan and Chris take turns swinging on each others meat, savoring their juices as they suck cock. And when it comes to fucking, it’s raw, delicious, and not unlike stuffing a chicken.

Alan Craft and Chris Fox have bareback sex in the kitchen

When Damien Dreik invited Peter Boow over to his place, they both knew there were ulterior motives. Especially since both were extremely horny and in desperate need of getting off! Having become friends and fuck buddies after being in a few scenes together, the two bareback sex fiends often get together for a bit of fun. This time, when Damien said he’d found a new favorite on-line scene, Peter came right over. Immediately after showing Peter what he wanted, he and Damien started to make out. Twink and jock are a sexy contrast, too! Especially with Peter so tall and Damien much shorter and compact. But height doesn’t matter when your cock is buried deep inside another guy’s ass. These two fuck buddies were soon stripped and taking turns servicing each other before flip-fucking bareback.

Damien Dreik and Peter Boow get horny watching porn on the internet and have bareback sex on the couch

Gorgeous dancer Kayden Daniels introduces us to his sexy hispanic boyfriend Kenedy Alves, and what a catch he has too! Both boys are so horny on screen, but seeing that hooded slutty bottom boy taking his boyfriends stiff boner and hearing him loving every moment of it is especially awesome! He knows how to take Kayden’s big dick, and a hot load to the face too!

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You know how you can get so tight, your muscles so sore that just the slightest jerk brings twinges of pain to your body? That’s how Damien Dreik’s been lately. So his buddy John Hill offers to take care of those aching body parts with some deep probing. First some hands-on massing, which Damien seems to enjoy. Then, as the kinks are loosened, the twink really starts to get off on the young jock sitting on top of his ass and the cock sucking begins. But John knows that the best way to truly release the pressure is to massage one particular spot in the body with some deep probing. And that’s Damien’s prostate. After playing with the twink’s ass, which Damien obviously enjoys tremendously, John works his raw dick into him and fucks him bareback, massaging the prostate as he does before giving him a fresh, hot cum facial.

John Hill and Damien Dreik trade blowjobs and fuck bareback on a desk

Everyone’s favorite Eastern European bareback twink, Nick Daniels, is growing up quite nicely. He’s grown accustomed to having bareback sex where and when he can and now he’s breaking in newbies. His latest boyfriend, Nico Harris, is downright adorable what with his creamy skin and sexy, innocent smile. They’re still in that early stage of their relationship where everything is fresh and new and almost sickeningly sweet. And yet, they’re so cute together you can’t hold anything against them unless it’s your cock. After making out they taking turns servicing each other. Nick’s got a big one but Nico has a nice fat dick meant for sucking. Soon, Nick finds his way to Nico’s sweet, raw hole, giving him a deep tongue fucking before mounting the twink and fucking his brains out. But when it cums to unloading, there’s only place he’s going to do it and that’s Nico’s fresh, innocent face. Who know the boy was such a jizz junkie?

Nick Daniels and Nico Harris kiss, suck and fuck bareback until they give each other cum facials

I just can’t get enough of Cameron Kincade. This dude is gorgeous, and he has a hot tight muscled body and a delicious cock that no sane guy would be able to turn down. He has a kinky side too, loving to fuck outside, and he gets off on having an audience. Thankfully his horny boyfriend Nick Noriega is more than happy to share their fuck with us!

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