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Pete Ross, Luco

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Pete Ross and Luco are fairly well built studs that are more on the sweet side than the hot side – and sweet is definitely what I needed to see. They arrange to meet each other in a nearby field, since they can’t very well do this kind of sexy thing at home. Their uncut dicks seem to love the great outdoors as much as they do, and their moans and yells as they discover each other and explore their bodies seems to lend credence to that fact. They end up pressed down into the grass, wrapped up tight and pumping hard.

Two horny Latin guys get it on in this amateur style bang clip. They get completely naked, rubbing their penises together and even inserting their foreskins into one anothers, truly an erotic act! Then the swarthier and more darker skinned of the two rams the other dude in the anus. He has definitely got the biggest manhood and he knows how to use it! He bends the pale skinned guy over and rams him up the rear, and when he gets tired he relaxes as the fuck starlet bounces on his prick, flicking his own pathetically micro penis while he does so. The black skinned dude’s penis explodes all over his submissive buddy’s face, creaming him facially.

Fernando, Tad

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Fernando and Tad needed somewhere quiet for them to get their freak on, and the nearby forest provided the cover that they needed. They were thrilled to find out that they both had uncut wangs, almost as thrilled as I was to see that. Those oversize manhoods are pumping incredible as well, and since things start off with a real fuck you get to see the action and the shafts straight from the beginning. They move on to banging after a lengthly dick sucking session, and both penis suck and bang were stunning.

Paul Russells has a rather impressive uncut penis, and he requires to share his foreskin with the world – or more specifically, with Claudio Vega. After a lengthy weiner mouthing session, he ends up sliding his foreskin over Claudio’s tool, working his head up against the glans, loving the sensation as it gets more and more intense. It’s really a unique sensation, and you should find an uncut friend to try it out with if you don’t happen to have an uncut wang yourself. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

This hot gay sex scene begins with a couple of horny queers inviting a third man, who is studying in the common room, to join them for some suck and fuck action. The young man politely declines and so the first two men go into the back room. There is a mirror on the wall on which they can watch themselves getting dirty. They strip nude, kneeling before one another to suck each others’ pricks. Then one stud leans up against the wall, sticking his rump out. His boyfriend hungrily tongues his dirty rump hole before he sticks his pecker right up inside. Later on, one guy lies on a chair while the other stud squats on top, bouncing up and down.

Dean O met Carlos Miguel when they were out hanging out and they decided to go back to Dean’s place and have some fun. As soon as the door was shut they got naked then Dean took Carlos’ hefty penis in his mouth and blowing him good. Carlos shoved his shaft under Dean’s foreskin and they banged dickhead to dick then Carlos bent Dean over and drilled him deep in the butt. Carlos grabbed his hips and banged him hard and deep the rolled him onto his back and fucked him faster until he was ready to explode the Dean took his shaft in his mouth and sucked all the hot cream out.

Pete Ross, Gura

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The quiet, contemplative nature of the forest makes it the perfect place for Pete Ross and Gura to work their massive, uncut cocks. However, as fate would have it these naughty dudes end up finding each other – and that’s when sparks fly. If you want to see two gorgeous dudes with foreskin pumping, then these two are going to be some of the best that you’ve ever seen. The pounding part of it is spectacular, with Gura on top, his cock jiggling with every thrust, and his moans so loud they’re scaring the hard core life away.

Gura, Ari

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Mutual masturbation is not something that you get to see too often in porn these days, but there’s just something pure and simple about watching two studs together whacking off and watching each other. Gura and Ari both have uncut cocks, so they’re a joy to watch as they’re whack whack whacking away at their dongs. They stare down at each other’s, leaning close so they get some body contact while still working at their tools. These studs are loving what they’re doing here, and it shows as they keep on working it.

Milos and Nikola decide they’d like to have Boban’s mouth on both their cocks at once, and Boban is more than happy to agree. But Milos doesn’t want to be left out of the fun, so he grabs Nikola’s hard prick and sucks it while Boban works on his rod. These three horny fuckers switch it up repeatedly, fucking each other’s asses and licking lots and lots of hard dick!

After a xxx night at the gay club, a dominant man fucks a submissive cocksucker right up his backside. The two young men sequester themselves in the back room, with just a chair for company. As the tough dude stands there in his underwear, the submissive male kneels in front of him, taking his new lover’s cock in his mouth and blowing it as far down as he can. He virtually chokes on the tool, spluttering as the dominant stud bangs his face. Then the cocksucker gets bent over in the chair, gives himself the reach around while the other dude pounds him firmly in his firm ass, drilling him hard.